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Am I obliged to file a tax return?
You are required to submit a tax return in the following cases:
– In addition to your salary, you have received sick pay, been furloughed (due to COVID), parental allowance or other wage replacement benefits of more than EUR 410 per year
– You have worked for several employers at the same time and have therefore been taxed with tax class 6
– You are married, have tax classes 3 and 5, and the spouse with tax class 5 also received a salary
– You have received a severance payment for which “The Fifth Rule” has already been applied
– You have registered a tax allowance
There are various other cases which may mean that you are obliged to submit a tax return.
In a free initial consultation, we can quickly determine whether you are required to submit a tax declaration.
By when do I have to submit my tax return?
If you are obliged to submit a tax return, the tax return must be submitted by July 31 of the following year at the latest.
If you are represented by us for tax purposes, the submission period is automatically extended to February 28 of the year after next.
For the submission of the 2020 tax return, we would normally have time until February 28, 2022.
Due to Corona, the deadline was exceptionally extended by a further 3 months.
The 2020 tax return must therefore be submitted by May 31, 2022 at the latest.
Which documents are required to prepare the tax return?
In the “clients area” you will find our detailed checklists, which you can download free of charge.
How can I submit the documents for the tax return?
We use TeamBeam to safely exchange data with our clients.
We will send you your personal link to transfer the necessary data to us.
Unlike a normal email, using TeamBeam means sending data encrypted and in a highly secure way, but with the simplicity of sending a normal email.
If you prefer you can post your documents to us or drop them into the letterbox at our office.
What does it cost to prepare the tax return?
In Germany tax consultant’s fees are based on the official tax consultant renumeration ordinance (Steuerberatervergütungsverordnung).
In general, we calculate our fee depending on the amount of your income. In individual cases, the billing is based on the time required.
Example 1: married couple, joint annual gross salary is EUR 90,000 no further income
The minimum fee is EUR 256,40 plus VAT.
Example 2: as in example 1, plus investment income of EUR 3,000 + rental income of EUR 9,000
The minimum fee is 309,70 EUR plus VAT.
Example 3: married couple, joint annual gross salary is EUR 180,000
The minimum fee is 358,35 EUR plus VAT.
Example 4: Single employee, gross salary 60,000 EUR
additional income from commercial operations in the amount of EUR 8,000
The fee is approx. 396,60 EUR plus VAT.
I was asked by the tax office to submit my tax returns for the past 7 years. What can I do?
At regular intervals, the tax office identifies taxpayers who have to submit their tax returns retrospectively.
Contact us as soon as possible so that we have enough time to submit the necessary declarations.
If you had pension income or wage replacement benefits such as sick pay, but can no longer find the certificates for this, we can determine this missing information by means of data retrieval (Elster).
How long does it take for me to get my money back from the tax authority?
There is no general answer to this and it depends heavily on the individual case. We also cannot influence the processing time of the tax authorities.
Which tax class is the best for me / us?
There is no combination of tax classes that can effectively save taxes. The tax class always only has an effect on the amount of the monthly net salary. Tax advantages and disadvantages during the year are always balanced at the end of the year, because in the end the tax is calculated on the taxable income. However, the tax class has an impact on wage replacement benefits (i.e. sick pay, unemployment benefits) which are measured according to the previous net salary. We can find out together in a conversation which tax class you should choose.
Which costs for children are tax deductible?
Childcare costs and school fees are tax deductible. In certain cases also the health insurance contributions paid for children.
All other expenses are generally covered by the child allowance. In individual cases, we would have to check whether certain costs are inevitable that would lead to tax recognition.
I bought a property. Which costs are tax deductible?
The tax treatment depends on whether you want to live in the property yourself or rent it out. If you rent out the property and generate taxable rental income from it the fees associated with the purchase of the property such as notary fees, real estate transfer tax or broker’s commission can be taken into account. However these costs are only deductable by way of annual depreciation.
In the case of own use, basically only household-related services can be taken into account. These include, for example, costs for handymen and the costs of using a moving company. Important: Tax recognition requires that you have an invoice and have not paid it in cash. Based on our many years of experience with rental cases and the tax treatment of real estate we can advise you in detail in this case and support you with your tax return.
You can also contact us if you are planning extensive restructuring measures on your property and do not know how these can be taken into account for tax purposes.

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